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i either don’t care how anybody thinks of me or i am totally insecure over who i am there is no inbetween

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I’m going to kill you, Harry Potter. I’m going to destroy you. After tonight, no one will ever again question my power. After tonight if they speak of you, they’ll only speak of how you begged for death.


but first, let me take a selfie

Some stories stay with us forever


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JOHN: hey Dad… i’m 18 now!
JOHN: but i’ll always be your kid, huh?

i know it’s late but i blame this. also that cake’s probably not safe to eat john…
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if i die resurrect me with this video




"But I wanted it blue!" "Now, dear, we decided pink was her color" "YOU decided!"

This is my favourite gifset of all time

*claps forever*

ohmygosh this is too cool
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This week on My Strange Addiction:

Girl spends over 1,000 hours on a game to pay back an in game mortgage to a raccoon, She claims its to ‘relax’

Mirror of Erised Merlin AU

While Merlin is a Professor at Hogwarts, he visits Arthur every night, even if it is only an image of him in a mirror.

Canvas  by  andbamnan