You know what i hate? Disrespectful, and unnecessarily hateful people. At Warped Tour, I was at the barricade for about 5 hours. While we were waiting for Sleeping With Sirens, a band that I did not know was preforming to the stage next to us. Although I didn’t know them, I thought they had a good sound. I didn’t mind listening to them while waiting. I actually enjoyed it. But in my crowd, I heard a ridiculous number of people yelling that they didn’t care about said band. They sucked and all they wanted was Sleeping With Sirens. While I understand where they were coming from - they were probably waiting just as long to see SWS as me and were dehydrated beyond belief, there is no reason to be a dick. Someone, LOTS OF PEOPLE IN FACT came to hear that random band. Just because you didn’t care for them does not mean you should be rude and disrespectful. These bands are on tour for many people to enjoy them live. Remember next time that you are not the only one in the crowd. The concert - and world - does not revolve around you. Thank you.